Smart and stylish worthy water bottle

Memobottle, the water bottle that exactly fits in your laptop bag, tablet case, backpack or handbag, because available in A4, A5 and letter format.

The Memobottle is not yet available in stores. Via Kickstarter the originators of the Memobottle are trying to raise money to bring the water bottle on the market. However, you can  the Memobottle you can already order it online! Starting from 22 euros you can order one here. Then you have it december 2014 in house.

More information on: www.memobottle.com
Photos and source: want.nl



Cardboard Furniture by Karton


Have less weighing on your mind and more weighing in your kitchen, with the smart digital measuring cup that makes measuring easy.


The Prism Nightlight is an interactive tilt activated light that balances minimalistic designs and playful attitudes for an interactive experience.


Design Studio of the week (08/09/2014):

Grupa    |    http://grupaproducts.com    |    Facebook

GRUPA is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2006 by product designers Filip Despot, Tihana Gotovuša and Ivana Pavić in Zagreb, Croatia. 

They had an idea - to don’t let anything to a chance and involve themselves in development of their products from the drawing board to the moment they ship it to their clients. The result is products that they fully stand behind. Products that go trough their hands every step of the way and today they are proud to be part of peoples living and working spaces - homes, offices, hotels, bars etc.

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Melodic Chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

(Source: design-milk.com)


A modern bed that is closest to sleeping on a cloud. The Tranquility Pod is a personal sanctuary to escape and relax.


How Soft Pop is this! Subscribers click here to see how this is in-line with S/S 16 macro trend.

(Source: black-boys)

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